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Английский язык

для детей от  5 до 16 лет

Групповые и индивидуальные занятия с носителями языка. Репетиторские занятия для всех уровней.


The English Programme at the Geneva Academic Centre’s Ecole de Loisirs offers small English classes to children starting at age three, on Wednesdays and Saturdays during the school year.


All English teachers are native speakers!


A-0: Introductory – ages 3-5 years

Exploration of the English language through songs, games, stories and crafts with a focus on every day words and themes.


A-1: Beginner – ages 5-7 years

Songs, games and crafts are used as the medium to increase the child’s ability to communicate, with a focus on learning to ask and reply to questions and to exchange information.  Simple reading books and workbooks may be introduced depending on the level of the student.


A-2: Advanced Beginner – ages 7-10 years

With a reading series and workbook to guide the child’s progress, the focus is on increasing understanding and vocabulary of day-to-day situations and helping the student speak with confidence.


Games, role-play and creative projects focus on the fun of learning and improving a new language.  

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